Legacy Committee

Many Past Pupils retain affectionate memories of days in Belvedere and of the friends we made there among our fellow students, lay teachers and, of course, the caring Jesuit Community.

The College continues to serve the present generation with the same zeal and dedication as in the past and now caters for over 1,000 boys with a major investment in added buildings and facilities.

A social diversity programme was instituted some years ago and has proved highly successful with wonderful results.

All of these achievements have been supported by parents and past pupils and nothing would have been possible without their help and goodwill.

A further indication of this has been the establishment of a Legacy Committee under the chairmanship of Andrew Kinsella (OB 1982) to create an awareness of how Belvederians might like to consider remembering the College and its charitable organisations in their Wills.   This is, of course, after all priority provisions have been borne in mind.

The work of the Legacy Committee is totally confidential and no member is aware of details of any bequests or the identity of Legators.   Legators are free to solely inform the Rector of the College or indeed to keep such information confidential to themselves.

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There are practical advantages associated with legacies to the College and its charitable organisations, not least the fact that such bequests qualify for exemption from Capital Acquisition Tax (reference CHY5814).

When you have read the relevant details – Click here for an application form, any further information may be obtained from either Andrew Kinsella (086 8520565) or Vincent Duffy (01 8310192) in the strictest confidence which will be respected at all times.


Vincent Duffy

162 Foxfield Grove

Raheny – Dublin 5.

Email: duffyppv@gmail.com

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